Terms and Conditions

  1.  The agreed fee of per week should be paid four weekly in advance by standing order throughout the term of the residency.
  2. The first fee payment should be made by cheque on the first day of occupancy with all future payments being made as set out above.
  3. The management cannot accept any responsibility for residents’ personal finances.
  4. There will be a trial period of residency of four weeks after which time an assessment will be made to determine the continuation of the residency in the interest of the resident.
  5. Fees will be reviewed annually unless there is a change to the needs of the resident. One months notice shall be given of any fee increase.
  6. Circumstances of giving notice of this agreement by either party:
    a. Nursing care being required that cannot be legally provided by us and deemed by Doctors to be too much for community nurses.
    b. Any anti-social behaviour that other residents find upsetting.
    c. Non payment of fees.
    Giving notice on both sides should be one month.
  7. Residence in the Rest Home does not constitute a tenancy within the
    Meaning of the Rent Acts.
  8. In the case of temporary vacation the room will be held secure at a reduction of £25 per week.
  9. St Denis Lodge has limited insurance cover of £1000 per resident for personal effects and belongings. However it is strongly advised that residents should take out additional insurance cover on items they wish to bring into the home.
  10. In the event of the death of a resident we will undertake to carry out sympathetically any known wishes of the resident, and his/her social and cultural traditions.
  11. The management cannot accept responsibility for personal effects of any kind, furniture, jewellery or cash. A lockable unit can be provided for valuable items. Separate personal insurance can be considered. Electrical appliances brought into the home by individual residents will need to be compliant with electrical standards and regulations and therefore will need to be tested.
  1. In the event of a complaint the resident should address the proprietor, Mrs Beverley Martin. If then not satisfied they may then take their complaint to the Care Quality Commission, St. Nicholas Building, St Nicholas Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 1NB Telephone 0191 233 3556 . Please see are complaints procedure.
  2. We are happy to accept residents’ pets providing they are well behaved and clean.
  3. The fees include 24hr care, all meals and snacks, laundry with some small amounts of sewing, cleaning, local shopping and in-house activities. The fees do not include trips out, theatre, escort etc. personal toiletries, hairdressing, newspapers and chiropody.
  4. Under circumstances of a desire to terminate this contract one months notice period is required. In some circumstances a fee may be levied if the condition of the room décor and carpet is beyond normal wear and tear.
  5. Medical records and information including medication and the next of kin will remain confidential. It is the responsibility of the resident or their representatives to advise of any changes. These records may be inspected by officers of the registration authority during the course of an inspection. Please bring medication in original boxes.
  6. Self medication will be encouraged subject to a satisfactory assessment of capability. A lockable unit will be provided for the safe keeping of medicines.
  7. We cannot accept responsibility for residents when unaccompanied once off St Denis Lodge premises.
  8. St Denis Lodge is subject to registration by the Commission for Social Care Inspection. These reports are available on the premises or local library or via the internet www.carestandards.org.uk
  9. St Denis Lodge is a non smoking home. Smokers may use the garden.
  10. Clothing must be clearly marked.

St Denis Lodge is not a nursing Home but a Residential Home as stated in the brochure and registered in accordance with The Care Homes Regulations 2001