Useful Information

Admission Procedure

In order to establish a resident’s suitability we will visit if distance is not prohibitive, where we will carry out an admission assessment to cover all aspects of daily care and needs requirement. See attached form. This form will be completed with the knowledge and consent of the prospective resident.

A decision as to a residents suitability will be made on the information in the admissions assessment related to the above criteria. Relatives views will be sought, doctors, nurses and home carers will be consulted in order to draw an accurate picture.

We do not take emergency admissions. The beds are bookable in advance and we normally operate with a waiting list.

Activities and Hobbies

St Denis Lodge is able to offer a wide and varied choice of activities. Whilst some of the activities remain static on a weekly basis , others change depending on the wishes of the residents.

Most Days one or two of list will be available:

Daily Activities

  1. Crosswords
  2. Quizzes – television or book
  3. Video or music

Weekly Activities

  1. Exercises with Alison
  2. Painting class
  3. Games – Scrabble
  4. Taped Quizzes
  5. School children visiting
  6. Non denominational religious get together

Monthly activities:

  1. Memory Box
  2. Religious meetings
  3. Holy Communion
  4. Bus Trips
  5. Stroke Club activities ( these vary)
  6. Pets as Therapy
  7. Visiting Entertainers

Occasional Activities

  1. Garden Parties
  2. Pub Lunches
  3. Shopping in the home and in town
  4. Theatre
  5. Talks and slide shows

We consider any type of activities, especially those suggested to us by the residents. If residents have hobbies they wish to pursue, the management will be happy to promote this and will endeavour to assist a resident accomplish this in what ever way they can.


Arrangements for Consultation with the Service User Regarding the Operation of St Denis Lodge

At St Denis Lodge we appreciate the importance of communication with residents. Good communication links with residents and their next of kin is the only way to insure that we are catering for each as an individual and life is as enjoyable as possible. To accomplish this we have regular monthly meetings, were a variety of issues are discussed. We operate an activities book ,where forthcoming events are promoted and recorded.
The person in charge has the responsibility to chat individually with each resident. We also operate a key worker system with residents allocated to one staff member who has the responsibility for encouraging activities and for generally overseeing the residents’ well being.

Details of Specific Theraputic Techniques Available at St Denis Lodge and Arrangements Made for their Supervision

There are a number of therapeutic techniques and complimentary health options available to residents. Many of these therapies could take place at St Denis Lodge if requested by the resident. If any are requested we will make every attempt to arrange an appointment either inside the home or externally.

It would not be appropriate to supervise the whole treatment unless requested, as this would be an infringement of privacy and dignity.

On behalf of the resident we feel that it would be advisable to check the qualifications of the person concerned and find their business address and telephone number. On occasions it would be appropriate to ask for references and enquire as to their experience and the length of time that they have been practising.

Additional Information

There is a call bell system which rings around the house to alert our staff that you need help. This is operational twenty four hours per day. Points can be found in every room. There is also a necklace that can be worn in the garden.

We sincerely hope you never have cause to complain, if there is any thing you are unhappy about you must see Hayley Carpenter the manager or Beverley the owner as soon as possible. If we are unable to satisfy the problem you will need to contact C.Q.C. Please refer to later page headed complaints procedure.

There is a diary situated on the antique sideboard before you go into the lounge, detailed in this diary are all forth coming events.

If there are outings that you are interested in, be sure to add your name to the list to ensure there is a place for you and so that the appropriate transport can be arranged.

We are always open for ideas and suggestions.

The mobile library visits every three weeks and will take book requests.

Ask a member of staff if you wish to take a newspaper or a periodical.

Sky is available if you wish to subscribe.

All rooms have a telephone point. Please ask if you would like to be connected. Sometimes it is possible to keep your own number.

Visitors are always welcome. There are no visiting restrictions providing other residents are not disturbed. Tea and coffee will be provided free. All other meals are available for a small charge and by arrangement. Refreshments can be taken any where in the house.

Our hair dresser is available Monday mornings and sometimes Tuesdays. Appointments are not required but do ask a staff member to be sure.

10. CASH
It is not necessary to keep large amounts of cash at St Denis Lodge. We prefer to put extras on your sundries account. Small amounts of cash can be obtained from the management at any time

All of the rooms can be locked if you wish. There is also a secure cabinet on the wall in your room for valuables.

Please feel free to bring in your own belongings to personalise your room. We are happy for pictures to be put on the walls. We do have insurance cover of £1000 to protect your belongings. If items exceed this value extra personal cover would be advisable.

13. POST
There is a post box in the front hall on top of the fish tank, please feel free to put your letters in the box and we will post them for you the same day. Stamps can be purchased from the office.

We can arrange to take you shopping or alternatively you can give your shopping list to us and we will arrange the purchases on your behalf. Only local or internet shopping can be undertaken.

This is a great way to communicate with friends and relatives we would be delighted to help.

We have no objection to the keeping of alcohol for personal use. Wine is available with Sunday lunch and sherry before supper.

We are non smoking environment.

Church of England Holy Communion takes place monthly.

For all other religions we can request visits when ever required. Many of our residents attend services at local churches and we will be glad to assist with transport.

For all meals there is a choice of dish, a member of staff will ask you the day before for your menu choice.

You will be allocated a Keyworker for your stay here. Your keyworker will be your personal carer that will undertake various jobs for you such as help with tidying your clothes, nail cutting, local shopping, anything out of the daily routine of care which you may need assistance with.

We keep in stock various items of toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, tissues etc. You can purchase these or use your sundries account.

We will be happy to supply all your laundry requirements including dry cleaning

St Denis Lodge is a privately owned Home. We are registered with C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission)

We have regular inspections which you are welcome to participate in if you so wish. Inspection reports can be found with our user guide located by the front entrance.

For more information try looking in our User Guide, Statement of Purpose and our Terms and Conditions. Our Inspection Report is always available. All of these can be found by the visitor book at the front door

Please do not hesitate to come to us however small the problem appears to you, we are always around and we do have time to talk.